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Three Consumer Trends to Implement in 2019

In this article ex Fashion Buyer, Elizabeth Stiles shares her top consumer trends Indie brands need to implement this year.

Three Consumer Trends to Implement in 2019 |

The retail world is changing very quickly and I read a quote recently that really struck a chord with me :

“I believe the ‘death of the high street’ is a myth; I think it’s more about the brand not keeping up with what consumers want.”

Leo Mellis of The Cotton Story

If this is true, then it’s worthwhile investing some time into seeing how shoppers are behaving in 2019

1. Immediacy

Amazon has set a benchmark for online shopping that is impossible to compete with, especially if you’re making the product by hand

However, I think what’s most important is that you’re consistently managing the customer’s expectations on what to expect

According to Euromonitor’s report, ‘Consumers are looking for “frictionless experiences that mesh with their lifestyles, allowing them to dedicate more time to their professional or social lives.”

If they know when something is due to arrive by then it’s their choice whether to proceed

If you have a slightly longer lead time then it’s probably worth the wait – how can you express this to the consumer?

Maybe you could tell a story what happens between the time they click ‘buy now’ and the minute they receive it and get them excited about purchasing

While we’re on deliveries & shipping, I also recommend that you also try and incorporate shipping into your cost price if possible!

Let me ask a question…  would you prefer to pay £25 plus £3 delivery or £28 plus free delivery

I know it’s illogical but I know I would choose the free delivery every time!

2. IRL

People are craving human experiences more than ever which is why brands are thinking outside the box to get customers through the door

How can you implement this into your brand?

Perhaps you’re a company who sell cameras and start your photography classes?

Or you sell knitwear and start DIY knitting workshops.

‘It is estimated that the number of single-person households will increase by about 120 million by 2030, up about 30% on 2018.’

What does that mean? Fewer children = more disposable income and seeking out a like-minded community people

Yes, you sell products but use those products to jump on this trend and start a community of your own (who will inevitably become customers once they see how brilliant you are!)

3. The Planet

Welcome to the age of the #woke consumer, when companies are evaluated by their treatment of animals and working conditions across the supply chain.

While the vegan lifestyle is on the rise, Euromonitor predicts even non-vegan consumers to adopt more animal-friendly behaviour.

That explains why massive e-tailer ASOS stopped selling silk, cashmere and mohair last year.’

After the Blue Planet 2 effect last year, consumers are more aware than ever about how their actions are affecting the planet.

I’d say its getting to the point where it’s a necessity to have some level of ethical standing within your business whether that’s in your production methods or the materials you’re using

If that’s not possible, then it might be worth looking at a charitable donation on certain products in your range to show that you’re giving something back.

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