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Three Branding Hacks to Try for Your Small and Mighty Business

Sometimes you just need a little inside info in order to get your brand looking beautiful across the board. In this article Brand Stylist Meg Harrop shares three simple hacks to help you stay consistent with your branding.

I’ve spoken in previous blog posts about keeping your branding consistent across all platforms and all the places your customers interact with your brand. When you represent your brand consistently over time it shows that you’re reliable, shapes the way people see your business to manage expectations, and turns followers into loyal fans and customers.

Here are 3 ways to add an extra hit of your branding so that you look more professional and consistent.

Create a professional-looking email signature using Google Docs

One place you may well spend a lot of time as a business owner is inside your email account, so having a professional-looking email signature is a must.

Many people will simply use a picture copy and pasted into the signature field on their email account – sometimes this works fine, but depending on how your recipient is receiving their email, it may just get attached to the email as a file attachment rather than appearing in the body of the email.

There are some free and paid email signature builders out there that work well and there’s also the option to get an HTML signature created, but the easiest way I’ve found to create an email signature for me and for some of my brand design clients is to utilise a Google Document to create and format the signature.

You will need a Google Drive account which is free and comes with each Gmail email address or you may have a Business G Suite account.

I got my domain name and email address through Google so I have a business G Suite account. This would work with both types of accounts – the key is that you’re creating your email signature inside of a Google document that is hosted online.

Once you copy and paste your email signature over from your Google Doc to your webmail signature field, or into the signature field in your email software, the formatting, images, and any links you’ve added should all stay in place!

Try it for yourself:

  • When you’re inside your Google Drive account click the +/New button and then Google Doc
  • Rename your Untitled document to “Email signature”
  • Click on Insert and then go to Table, and choose 2 columns and 1 row for now – using a table will make it easier for you to line things up and allow you to have elements next to each other
  • Now start building your signature – you can drag and drop your logo into the first column or maybe even a small headshot and resize it as you wish. You can also click into the column and click on Insert, image, upload from computer
  • In the next column, you can format all the text you want to include.
  • You can get fancy if you want and add another row below, drag and drop social media icons in and link them to the correct places and even change the background colour of your row so it’s like a banner across the bottom. To add a link to any image simply click on the image and there is a little ‘link’ icon in the menu which will allow you to add your link.
  • Change the colour of your table border lines to white or remove them altogether.
  • If you would like to have a go with my signature as a starting point you can view it here. Click File and make a copy to your own account and change everything out for your own details, colours, images, and links!

Use Powerpoint or Keynote to create social media graphics for your business

I think most of us have used Powerpoint (Microsoft) or Keynote (Mac) before to create a slideshow presentation, but did you know that you can change your ‘slide’ size to any size you want?

This means you can change your slide to a square to create some on-brand graphics for social media, or change it to the correct size for Instagram stories or Twitter. Use the correct fonts and colours for your brand and add your logo, the sky is the limit!

Powerpoint and Keynote are relatively easy to use if you’re not familiar with professional design software, and online tools like Canva make you pay for an account if you want to upload your own fonts. Powerpoint/Keynote are probably already right on your computer with all the fonts you need!

Bonus tip: If you’re in need of beautiful fonts for your branding try Google Fonts where they’re all free to download or browse through custom fonts you can buy and install on your computer at Creative Market.

In Powerpoint you should be able to go to File, and Page Setup to change your slide size – It may well be in cm, just make sure you’re not making your slides too large or too small.

Keynote makes things a little easier, go to the Document tab in the far right and change the Slide Size to Custom to get a drop-down menu. Their measurement is in pts which you can treat as the equivalent to pixels (px).

Search online for the correct pixel size of whatever it is you want to create. I find 2000×2000 px works well for square images and 1080×1920 for Instagram stories.

Use File > Export > and change the file type to a png or jpeg file on Powerpoint.

Use File> Export to > Images and again change the file type to png of jpeg on Keynote.

Brand your Instagram Stories

My final hack is a way for you to brand your Instagram Stories really quickly right from your phone.

You’ll need your logo/icon or one of your branding elements saved in your phone’s camera roll – it will look best if it’s a png file with a transparent background, but whatever you have is ok.

Take a picture or upload a photo to your stories, or maybe set a background colour that is on-brand. Then, with your new insta story still on your screen, navigate to your camera roll or pictures app. Find your logo and ‘copy’ it.

Go right back to your Instagram which should open right where you left it, with your new story on the screen. Some phones will now have a pop up that says ‘paste sticker’ – if so, great! You can paste your logo onto your story.

If not, go to the text tool as though your going to add some text, tap where the cursor is and you should have an option to ‘paste’. This should add your logo sticker in and hey presto! You can add your branding to any story you would like to! Finish adding any other elements you want to add your story.

I hope these tips and hacks will help you to stay consistent with your branding so that people always recognise your brand when you pop up in their world!

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