Small and Mighty Conversations S4 E01: Syreeta Challinger, Moments of Sense & Style -

S4 E01: Syreeta Challinger, Moments of Sense & Style

Kicking off season four is my first guest, Syreeta Challinger, co-founder of Moments of Sense & Style.

Moments Of Sense & Style, MOSS, was conceived after life took an unexpected turn; when Syreeta and her partner Rob had their world turned upside down. 

The old adage rings true. A rolling stone gathers no moss and in this episode, Syreeta shares how she came to found her business with her partner Rob, her words of wisdom for other entrepreneurs, and we chat about slowing down, taking time for ourselves and how to welcome in the stillness and listen to the “sweet nothings of our souls”.

Syreeta Challinger, Moments of Sense & Style || Small and Might Conversations Podcast

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