S3 E02: "Action Breeds Confidence" with Sophie French - Blog

S3 E02: “Action Breeds Confidence” with Sophie French

In today’s episode, I chat with Small and Mighty ‘Co’ Sophie French. Sophie is an incredible life and business mentor who turned her own life and business around when she was suffering from anxiety, uncertainty, comparison, confusion, and a dwindling bank account to motivate and inspire other small business owners to believe they can and ‘crush the can’t’ in their head.

We discuss our tops tips for showing up on Instagram, pricing yourself and generally being confident in business.

Show Notes

Instagram workshops with me, 21st February *limited tickets remaining* https://smallandmighty.co/workshops

Instagram for Business online learning https://smallandmighty.co/courses

Connect with Sophie: @sophiefrenchcreative

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sophiefrenchcoaching/

The Magic Activation Masterclass https://www.sophiefrench.co/magic-activation-mastermind

The Crush the Can’t Club https://www.sophiefrench.co/crush-the-cant-club/

Lucy Parker @lucy_and_lentils