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Quick Tips to Help Your Homepage Work Harder

Just in time for the busiest online retail quarter, Charlotte Ferris from Medialuxe shares some quick homepage tips to help maximise your e-commerce offering.

There is absolutely no denying that if your brand sells products online, your homepage is the most valuable page of your website. After all, it’s essentially your shop window and just like a bricks and mortar shop, it needs to entice and engage potential customers to come in and explore further. So how do you do this?

Whether you’re preparing to launch a brand new e-commerce website or you’re giving your homepage some attention before the Christmas period, first impressions count. Read on to discover my quick tips to help your homepage work harder no matter the time of year.

Set the mood

Each time a visitor lands on your homepage, it’s a chance to convert and so you need to set the mood so to speak. Of course, your homepage should look visually impressive, but you also need to look beyond the photography and design to successfully invite potential customers into your online home and ensure they remain engaged.

It’s likely somebody will make a visit because they’ve connected with your brand elsewhere, meaning you’ve already passed that first hurdle and captured their attention. It also means they’ll have an understanding of your brand personality and this needs to translate across to your website too. In other words, to eliminate presenting a conflicting brand experience, it’s fundamental your homepage has the same look and tone as any other brand touchpoint, like your Instagram page or marketing emails.

Create a journey

When you look at your website day in day out, it’s easy to forget about the customer journey, as to you, navigating your online space will be second nature. You have just a few seconds to engage visitors when they land on your homepage and if it appears difficult to navigate, they’ll quickly bounce and you’ll have lost a potential customer.

Take a moment to view your homepage as if for the very first time. From your menu titles to headlines and call to action copy, check that your messaging is clear, consistent and encourages visitors to stay on your website. The journey should feel effortless and whilst it may be tempting to get creative with your homepage copy, this isn’t the place to be indirect.

Make every word count

When you start to work on writing the wording for your homepage, I recommend keeping it simple, but significant. Remember who it is you’re writing for and what the purpose is behind each element of your homepage copy.

Headlines should command attention with a purpose to create interest and keep them moving through your website, whether that’s through announcing a new collection or promoting an offer. CTAs, on the other hand, will prompt action, encouraging visitors to click and discover more, so short and direct is a winning combination – think ‘shop now’ or ‘find out more’, both confidently tell the customer what to do and support the next stage of their online journey.

Further questions to ask:

  • Are the products you’re showcasing on your homepage in stock?
  • Does your homepage messaging align with your overall marketing strategy?
  • Are you taking advantage of any topical events or holidays that are relevant to your product offering?
  • Do all buttons click through to the correct page?
  • Is your spelling correct?

I hope you find these quick homepage tips helpful and easy to apply to your own small and mighty business. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to check your homepage is working as hard as it possibly can be so you can maximise your opportunity to sell this season.

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