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Quick Tips to Avoid Common Online Copy Mistakes

In this article, E-commerce Copywriter, Charlotte Ferris talks you through her quick tips to avoid the most common online copy mistakes so you can write clearly and confidently for your business.

Quick Tips to Avoid Common Online Copy Mistakes | smallandmighty.co

In your mind, you know exactly what you want to say about your products, but, actually putting pen to paper, (or should I say tapping to type) and finding the words to truly engage your audience and convert them to customers doesn’t always come naturally to everyone – and that’s okay! After all, you set up your small and mighty business because you’re a wonderfully talented artisan or maker, or because you have an eye for curating a store brimming with incredible independent brands – not because you’re a professional writer. Copywriting, however, is a fundamental element for all e-commerce businesses and so to make the process smoother, here are some quick tips to help you avoid the most common online copy mistakes.

Put your customer’s needs first

It’s no secret consumers are changing the way they interact with brands, especially independents; they now want to connect with the person or people behind the brand first. Platforms like Instagram are a great way to do this, but, when it comes to your website, the main focus should be directed to your customer and their needs. When you’re considering what to write, no matter if you’re selling homewares or handmade chocolates, share how your products benefit the customer and consider what will motivate them to shop.

Introduce a little personality

If copywriting isn’t your forte, then remembering to give your brand a personality of its own can often go amiss as you focus on writing to inform (the obvious description) rather than to sell (the storytelling that steers people to buy from you). If you’re not sure where to start, imagine your brand is a person or celebrity and write down all the attributes this person would have. Once you’ve created your list, you’ll soon get a feel for your brand’s character; you may discover it’s friendly, honest or inspiring, so use these traits to inform your writing style and tone and let that personality shine. For more tips on this, take a look at my article on finding your brand voice here.

Take your customer on a journey

So you’ve written your homepage copy, product descriptions, about copy and so on, perfect! Now it’s time to take a look at how this copy will work when placed on your website. You have only seconds to engage a customer and hold their attention, so consider how your words will actually look on the page. Consider font styles and sizes, headlines, bullet points, call to actions etc. to break up your copy in a way that leads your customer on a journey and makes your wording easy to navigate.

Proofread before you publish

This seems like a pretty obvious one, however when you’re managing a small and mighty business and have a never-ending to-do list, quickly typing something and pressing publish will almost always lead to one or two spelling or grammatical errors. Whether you type your copy in a word document first and then paste it into your website platform, or you choose to write directly into the back end, these little errors can easily be avoided by installing Grammarly, a free online writing assistant; I promise you, proofreading will become effortless as it alerts you to amend any mistakes before you publish.

Don’t copy your own copy

It goes without saying that copying wording from another brand or business is a definite no-no; your copy should always be 100% authentic. what you may not know, however, is that duplicating your copy from one content offering to another, (for example from your website to an Etsy page) can hinder your SEO efforts. If you’re replicating your copy in this way, for example, pasting your product descriptions from one site to another, then my fellow Co Pri, an expert in all things SEO has some simple, significant steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t happen. Read her article here.

Beyond the blog

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