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Product Review Schema: How It Can Help Boost Your Sales

This week, Pri shares a step-by-step guide on how to implement review schema on your website so your reviews are visible in Google. It’s one of the more technical posts she’s written but showing your 5-star reviews in Google is a must for any small business wanting to improve their sales.

What is Product Review Schema?

In simple terms, it’s a small piece of code that gives search engines (like Google and Bing) information about the content on your page. There are hundreds of different types of schema available but we’ll look at just setting up the product review one today.

Why do I need to add Product Review Schema?

Go search for a product right now in Google and see how many people have their star or review ratings enabled on their website? Having these enabled is going to make you stand out on page 1 and add the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor which is important in e-commerce. It’s been proven that searchers are more likely to click through to a website that has their review schema enabled.

How do I set it up?

There are two ways of setting up Schema, the first is done manually but can be difficult to do. The easiest way of doing it is to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Tool

Select the ‘product’ option in the main menu and add a URL of one of your product pages. This page has to have a minimum of one review or rating for this to work. Once you’ve done this, hit the ‘start tagging’ button.

You’ll then need to choose one of two options – if there is only one review, select the ‘review’ option and highlight the name of the reviewer and the date. If several customers have reviewed your product, you can highlight the number of star ratings and select the ‘aggregate rating’ option. Then select the ‘count’ option so it looks at the number of total reviews.

Once you’ve done this, hit the ‘create HTML’ button and copy and paste this code into your page.

How to Implement Product Review Schema on WordPress

You can implement Schema with ease on WordPress by simply using a plugin. The free Schema plugin can create the schema for your whole website, not just reviews. Search for ‘Schema’ in your plugin directory and follow the setup instructions.

How to Implement Schema Markup for your Shopify Store
Luckily, Shopify also makes it easy for their users by using a Schema app that allows you to set it up with ease. You can sign up and the plugin will guide you through the setup.

Schema Markup for Squarespace websites

SquareSpace makes it a little bit harder to implement Schema markup compared to the other two websites. There is no shortcut around implementation and the Schema app doesn’t support the platform 100%. If you are looking to implement Schema for your Squarespace website, you’ll need to do it manually. Reach out to your web designer or send me a message and I can do it for you.

How to check if you’ve implemented Schema correctly

You can check if you’ve implemented Schema correctly by logging into your Google Search Console account and checking the ‘Rich Results’ option in the sidebar. Google will flag up any issues you have with your set up and tell you how to fix it.

Beyond the blog

Now that you have learnt how to create Schema for your website, why not explore what other options are available for you? Tag me on Instagram @brilliantlyvisible and let me know which ones you’ve decided to go with.