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Are you feeling overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted? Is your to-do list so long it's paralysing and you find yourself not doing anything because you have no idea where to start?

I know that feeling well.  Because I've been there.

As entrepreneurs facing burn out is a very real threat to our businesses and our mental health. Feeling overwhelmed is often the first warning sign that we're on a path we need to get off. 

I've put together a FREE Seven Day mini course, sharing simple strategies that I use with my one to one coaching clients, to help you to manage your time, boost your productivity and master your day.

master your day with a free seven day mini course 

Each module contains a strategy to implement and an overview of how to put it all together.

Optimising Productivity with Time and Space
Day one is about visualising your ideal work space and assessing when in the day you're most productive.

Focused Task Management
One day two we look at the disadvantages of multitasking, context switching, and task switching.

Prioritising Daily Tasks
Day three uncovers how to get the most out of work time by focusing on the highest-priority tasks and how to identify them.

Pay Attention to Your Time
On day four we explore what it means to be mindful? If you can focus on the present moment, you’ll be fully invested in the task at hand. 

Setting Up Your Daily System
On day five we look at the big picture and focus-in on the day-to-day reality of making goals come to fruition.

Set a Schedule and Stick To It
On our final six you'll consider how you want each hour of your day to flow and create a realistic structure to follow.

The Round-Up
On day seven I'll round-up the six steps so you can put it into place and overhaul your overwhelm - once and for all.

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