Is there a constant chatter in your head, but nothing makes sense? 

Is your brain full of ideas but you don't know which to pursue?   

Whether you are seeking intuitive guidance for your personal or business life, and any of the above sounds familiar, then an Inner Voice Session is for you.

We've all used our Inner Voice or Intuition at some point, whether its to go right or left at the traffic lights, should we take that job, or something is feeling 'off' I need to give my mum, boyfriend, sister a call, only to find out really needed to hear your voice at that exact moment. Our bodies are the best barometer for telling us what we need to know or do, and what is right. Our Inner Voice is a muscle that can be worked and strengthened, and by doing so, becomes more reliable and easier to hear.

An Inner Voice Session with me, allows you to speak freely as your inner voice and receive profound intuitive guidance on all aspects of your life, in a single session.

As an Inner Voice Facilitator (trained by Jess Lively herself), I will guide you into a deeper state of Inner Being using breathing and questioning techniques and support you to receive answers on the topics your mind, has been pondering.

A bonus within IV sessions is that clients learn to release what we call "Emotional Bean Bags", these are trapped emotions lingering in the mental-emotional body that are ready to be acknowledged and released safely. Many clients find that once these have been accepted and released, they do not experience them again.

Are you finding yourself feeling stuck about what to do next?


Within our session of up to two hours, I will hold space for you to explore the depth of your intuition. I will guide you to quiet your mind (your ego), and tune into the quiet, peaceful voice we all have within; our intuition. 

The session is conducted over Zoom with our cameras off (no distractions), and there is no introductory small talk, as soon as we connect; the session will begin.

Throughout the session, I will ask you questions that your mind wants answers to, and you will reply as your Inner Voice. You won't need to think, thinking is actively discouraged, all you need to do is breathe and say what you hear/see, a full recording is supplied afterwards for you to listen back to if you feel called to do so.

An Inner Voice session is a unique experience and suitable for those experienced in listening to their intuition and those who are brand new to Inner Voice work. If you have any concerns about whether this is for you; feel free to drop me a message on Instagram; ultimately though, the less you know about the ins and outs of the session - the better! All you need to feel is an intuitive 'yes this is something I want to do.'

Hearing what your Inner Voice has to say is a unique experience; to receive guidance from within, to feel the joy, peace and love that is your inner being and release any emotional baggage if it surfaces in session. 

Unlike coaching or mentoring, Inner Voice sessions are often one-off sessions and will set you up to conduct Inner Voice sessions with yourself in the future. 

What to expect

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The Business and Marketing Mentoring and Life Coaching programmes I offer are designed to help clients over a longer time frame with a  focus on educating and empowering business owners through developing core marketing skills (marketing consultancy) or overcoming barriers, changing mindset, and bringing ideas to fruition (business and life design). 

A Small and Mighty Session is a one-off on demand online meeting at the time of need, to find optimal ways to move forwards or solve a specific challenge.

how does this differ from your programmes?

You'll need to come to our session with the exact issue, or issues you want to work through. I ask for a rough outline when you book your session, but you're welcome to deviate from this. 

You will need to be realistic about what we can achieve in an hour and I will outline at the start whether I believe we can cover off all your queries.

what prep will i need to do?

You’ll leave feeling confident, motivated and ready to move your business forward from our session, but you will be responsible for taking notes throughout and moving through any actions.

There is no direct aftercare, but you are welcome to book another session or consider a longer programme, if you would like to delve deeper or cover off another challenge.

do you offer support after our call?

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clients have said...

Emotional Energy Movement Session

Have you experienced a situation where your emotional response surprised you? A burst of anger? Overwhelming sadness? The green-eyed monster?

Perhaps a friend told you some good news; such as securing a new job, and instead of feeling proud of them and happy for them, you found yourself feeling disappointed, even resentful?

These are "Emotional Bean Bags" (Eckhart Tolle calls them, "pain bodies", or as Michael Singer calls them, "thorns"), are pockets of energy stuck within your body and mind that are triggered by situations. Often these trapped emotions prevent the flow of energy around our bodies and stop us from moving forward in life and living with peace and joy. 

These thorns/pain bodies/bean bags cause such a disturbance when touched upon (by a situation, conversations etc.) we will go out of our way to build a life around them so we never have to deal with the root cause and yet, we can remove them, and if we do so, they are removed for good.

In this 44-minute session, I will help you to connect to your Inner Voice, scan your body looking for energetic blocks, and if it feels safe to do so, accept them and release them for good. We all have these old beliefs or experiences that our mind and body is holding on to, even if it is no longer serving us.

After our session, you will feel lighter, with a sense of relief and you will have learnt how to comfortably release these blockages on your own and clear the life path stretching out in front of you.

This session is best suited to those with some experience of Inner Voice work but is not essential.

Michael Singer

“We got our thorns in, and we don't want anybody to touch them. And if they touch them and they irritate our little thorn, we're upset because you shouldn't have touched my thorn.”

What to expect

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