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How to Pull Yourself out of a Creative Rut

Succeeding as an independent fashion company is a tough business. Competition is rife in the fashion start-up world, trends are moving at a faster pace than imaginable and as a result, your customer’s wants and needs are constantly fluctuating with the times. In such a daunting industry, a creative rut is to be expected, but more importantly, it is something you can learn to embrace. Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Consultant has the intel on how to pull yourself out.


One of the most difficult stages of stumbling through a creative rut is the challenge many face when they are told to transform it into a positive – it seems paradoxical that something that causes so much stress and anxiety can be a vehicle for positive change, after all.

Yet, failure and rejection can be one of the most motivating factors when it comes to pushing through the storm, as there really is no other option other than the more dismal choices of giving up or becoming content with mediocrity. Rather than a hindrance, see creative ruts as a learning curve, a way of opening up new ways of seeing things and approaching situations.

Essentially, failure serves as one of the most powerful tools that we should harness to acquire a better understanding of the business, respond with corrective actions and in turn move forward with a brighter mindset.


One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in a creative rut would undoubtedly be maintaining and increasing productivity levels. Whether you work at home or in an office, the same four walls can become suffocating and restrictive. The World Health Organisation sees ‘burnout’ as a genuine syndrome, so you’re never alone.  

To try and overcome the creative rut, it’s always wise to find a change of scenery. Meditate, cleaning, gardening, walking, exercise – whatever helps you to find your inner zen – do it! Take the time to unwind and never feel an ounce of guilt for doing so. Maintaining a clear head and taking care of your mental health is one of the most valuable and fundamental aspects of escaping a creative rut and it will thank you in time with a boost of creativity.


When you feel ready to tackle the creative rut, ask yourself a few of these questions to get back on track – maybe even write them down:

  • I feel successful when…
  • I am passionate about…
  • I wanted my own business because…
  • The things I love most about my business are…
  • How do you feel when you make clothes?
  • How do you feel when someone places an order?
  • Who inspires you and why?
  • Why did you start the brand in the first place?
  • Why do you want to make clothes for people?

Once you have answered these questions, it will refresh those familiar motivating and passionate feelings that drove you to where you are today.

With a fresh mind, delve back into the fashion world. Read books and magazines – other countries offer a different take on the industry, so try US Vogue or Vogue Italia for a gaze into the fashion world from a different culture and perspective. Slowly but surely, you will feel inspired and excited to get back to your desk and start again.

Whether you are currently experiencing a creative rut, have in the past, or are yet to experience one, I hope this blog post will help to pull you out of it whilst taking care of yourself!

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