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How to Create Content for Online Shops

This month, SEO expert Pri Kruijen discusses how you should create a content plan for your online shop. If you’ve been putting off starting a blog for your website, these tips should help you overcome your writer’s block.

The first part of creating your content strategy is understanding your ideal client. This is broken into two parts – the first is the ideal client profile where you learn more about what makes them tick and the second is their customer journey.

Ideal client profile

The ideal client profile is a really easy way to create an understanding about who you are trying to connect with, what problems they have and how you are going to solve them. Once you know these, you can start looking at where they are online so you can plan to connect with them there.

Customer journey mapping

The path to purchase is no longer linear like it used to be. Nowadays, customers will enter the purchase process at different stages which is why it’s important to segment your ideal client profile by their shopping behaviours and needs.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is the ‘See, Think, Do, Care’ formula to capture them at every stage.


This is the largest segment of your audience who are looking for generic searchers such as product categories. When creating content for people in the ‘see’ phase, think about the intention behind their search – what exactly are they looking for and how can you be the expert to answer their questions.


This part of the audience is looking to buy and your website should be convincing them through your product pages and supporting guides that your product is the best. They may not be ready to purchase straight away but they are looking for persuasive content that can help them make a decision.


This is the point of conversion where visitors become customers through your cart and checkout. Having simple and easy-to-follow content on your product and cart pages can aide purchase. 


This is your aftersale care and how you make a purchase become a loyal fan. This is where you build advocates for your shop and get more word-of-mouth publicity. 

If your business caters to different audiences, you’ll want to redo these steps for each one. The beauty of creating a customer journey map is that you can continue to use it across all of your marketing platforms and content creation becomes really easy.

Beyond the blog

If you have any questions about the ‘See, Think, Do, Care’ process, come follow me on Instagram where I’m be sharing some real-life examples.