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How Influencers Can Impact Your SEO

In this article, Pri Kruijen, SEO expert has pulled together what you need to look out for when assessing whether an influencer is a right match for your business.

Often influencers tempt smaller brands with the promise of a juicy backlink to their website and tons of traffic but similar to Instagram – not all backlinks are the same. Ideally, you want to qualify each proposal and see whether the link will be valuable for you from not an awareness perspective but to also improve your SEO.

What is a backlink and why is it important for your SEO?

Simply put, a backlink is when another website links to you. This could be to your homepage, a product page or even a blog post you have written. In 2019, Google wants to show websites that are EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthy) and backlinks play a big role in this. When someone links to your website, it signals to Google that your website is trustworthy and passes some of its authority to your website. 

Website authority is sometimes hard to measure but an industry-standard is Domain Authority (DA). The higher your domain authority, the more trustworthy your website.

How to check if a backlink is valuable for your website?

Does it fit your ideal client profile

Similar to what you would do for Instagram, consider whether the website is relevant to your business and your target market. Remember, they don’t necessarily have to be in your industry but your dream clients do need to read their blog.

Can they share any details of previous collaborations

A good blogger or influencer will have some statistics available to show how well previous collaborations have worked out. You are ideally looking for the number of click outs from their website to the brands (showing that people will visit your website) so you can calculate any uplift in traffic.

Check how long they will keep it on their website

There is no point in having a live link to your website for a week – you want to make sure that the link is a permanent fixture on their blog and it is not deleted after a certain amount of time.

How will they be promoting your feature aside from adding it to their website

You need the influencer to actively share your product feature or blog post with their community, whether it is on social media or their email list. Unfortunately, having a post written about you on a website doesn’t necessarily guarantee traffic to your website.

Have a look at their website DA (domain authority)

The final step is to check their domain authority, you can do this by using this free tool and simply typing in their website URL. The higher the domain authority, the better but generally speaking, anything above 35 is a good place to start.

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