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Three 2020 Halloween Trends to Add to Your Product Range

Joanne Griffin, founder of Arnold & Bird is sharing 2020 Halloween trends to inspire your product development for this spooky holiday.

Joanne Griffin, founder of Arnold & Bird is sharing 2020 Halloween trends to inspire your product development for this spooky holiday.

Although Halloween is seen as more of an American tradition, it is a growing area in the UK as more people here are celebrating this spooky occasion. 

According to data analytics company GlobalData, via Retail Gazette, UK retailers were due to see Halloween-related sales rise 2.1% YoY to £491 million.

And research from Walnut Unlimited suggests a UK household is due to spend on average £22, however people ages between 35-44 will spend an average of £28.

The most popular products for Halloween are:

  • Decorations
  • Entertainment & activities 
  • Costumes and clothing such as t-shirts & jumpers
  • Beauty
  • Food & drink
  • Stationery 

So with all that being said, what are the 2020 Halloween trends to look out for and add to your product range? 

Check out the 2020 Halloween trends Pinterest board for added visual inspiration that accompanies these three trends.

Magic Halloween

Mystic symbolism and meanings are now in the mainstream. Reading tarot cards and using crystals are the new normal to guide people through life. These magic references are perfect for updating the traditional Halloween look. 

Key materials & illustrations

  • Crystals that are raw and polished 
  • Metallic pewter, gold and brass
  • Tarnished, imperfect and smoked surfaces
  • Molten drips
  • Tarot cards and mystic symbols
  • Moons, stars, planets and constellations
  • Celestial inspired motifs, patterns and geometrics

Key products

  • Decorations such as bunting, banners and balloons 
  • T-shirts and jumpers that feature mystic and celestial symbols 
  • Crystal jewellery
  • Jewellery featuring magic symbols
  • Headbands that feature stars and tarot meanings 
  • Halloween party invites 
  • Temporary tattoos

Colorful Halloween

It’s easy to reminisce as it brings a sense of comfort. Which means the 80s, 90s and 00s are back! Which means designs are super colourful and more is more! This updates the traditional Halloween look with bright colours and fun designs. 

Key materials & illustrations

  • Neon plastic
  • Brightly coloured metals
  • Fun fabrics in abstract shapes
  • Graphic geometrics
  • Colour blocking 
  • Retro fonts
  • Vintage style illustrations of classic motifs 
  • Bright colours such as hot pink, red, cobalt blue, neon yellow and vibrant purple 

Key products

  • Bright and bold costumes
  • Halloween inspired t-shirts 
  • Colourful drinks, party food and sweets
  • Large make-up face adornments and temporary tattoos
  • Oversized decorations for indoors and outdoors
  • OTT Halloween costume jewellery

Halloween with a Twist 

The traditional Halloween look of monochrome, orange, pumpkins and skeletons is updated with a twist on the materials used. Think added texture and sounds to create a more sensory experience. 

Key materials & illustrations

  • Create texture through weaves, straw, wrinkled and raised surfaces 
  • Lace, stitching and threaded details
  • A sensory experience using the addition of sound
  • Geometric shapes 
  • Flames and barbed wire patterns
  • Update traditional motifs in new styles such as line drawings and watercolour

Key products

  • Pumpkins with decorative texture
  • 3D geometric shapes on decorations
  • Textured Halloween chocolate 
  • Unique Halloween packaging for current products that are Halloween related
  • Activities that are sensory by adding slime or sound 
  • Textured paper for invitations 

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