This mentoring programme is suitable for newly certified coaches right through to coaches who have enrolled a few clients but need a more consistent Client Attraction Strategy to make their business viable.

Who is this for?

Over six weeks, through one hour group mentoring calls, you’ll get to pull from my 15 years retail experience, six years as a personal brand and entrepreneur, extensive marketing and consumer behaviour knowledge and life and business coaching skills that have meant that I have grown a heart-led, authentic 1:1 coaching business with zero icky sales tactics, social media ads, cold calling, Google Ads or SEO strategy. 

Over the six weeks, you'll learn to how to build a coaching practice with integrity. How to work with your gift as a coach and attract those who share your beliefs and come away with the foundations of a business that fulfils you spiritually and financially.

What to expect

Sam is the perfect combination of a coach and mentor - I am so grateful for her knowledge and experience - it is second to none! I found my time with Sam so valuable as she helped me cut through the noise and explore the possibilities for my business so I could work out exactly what was the best route for me. I would highly recommend Sam! 

 The perfect combination of a coach and mentor

- rachel russell
 Thrive beyond

As a Business and Life coach myself I approached Sam to help support with the launch plan and strategy for my new course. Sam was brilliant at helping me get my thoughts out of my head and on to paper, as well as supporting with the mindset side I things. I'd highly recommend working with Sam to anyone and would definitely work with her again!

I highly recommend Sam!

- emily button,
emily button creative

Sam has been my business and personal coach for the last 7 months and has made a huge impact in the way I think about what I'm doing, how I prioritise my work, and how I identify what I really want to be doing. I love her no-nonsense straight-talking approach. When I have a question to answer now, I think 'What would Sam say?!" Thanks so much for all your support and advice.

When I have a question to answer now, I think 'What would Sam say?!

- Lauren Roberts
 The moon marketing mentor

If you are a new coach, I cannot recommend Sam enough.  Sam is everything you could possibly want in a coach and mentor. Sam is incredibly considerate of who you are as a person and creates a safe space for you to openly share what's really on your mind. I felt that Sam blended the role of coach and mentor seamlessly, coaching and constructively challenging me to grow and offer clear and tangible advice when needed. As a new business founder I have not only created a solid platform for my business, but I have grown in self-confidence and self-belief as well, as lot of which I owe to Sam.

If you want to work with Sam you have to be ready to put in the work. Sam was amazing at holding me accountable to the goals and actions I set which in turn has created momentum. 

For any new coach, business owner or anyone that wants change I would seriously consider taking Sam on as a coach/mentor. Great people with a genuine interest in helping you rather than self interest is a pretty rare thing these days and are worth investing in. This is your life after all. 

Sam is everything you could possibly want in a coach and mentor.

- Ben Gardner
bg blueprinT

I want to work with coaches that share my belief system when it comes to coaching. I don't and cannot work with anyone who sees coaching as a "get rich quick scheme".

I want to support heart-led coaches, who coach because they love to coach, they love to see their clients get results - they just want more of them! The application process will invite you to tell me about yourself, what you do, and your "Why". Successful applicants will then be invited to an introductory call with me.


Once the applications have closed, if successful you will be invited to take part in an introductory call with me.

This will be a chance for me to clarify and points from your application form and you can ask me any questions you have. The call will be with me, not "one of my team".

You'll be working with me, so it's really important that we meet 1:1. Successful applicants will then be invited to enrol in the mentoring programme, of which there will be a max of 20 spaces.


 programme structure

How is it delivered?

Six one hour group mentoring calls, held once a week over Zoom.  Calls will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live, but it is recommended that you attend live where possible.

There will also be a community WhatsApp group of which you have the option to be a part of to connect with your fellow mentees as well as ask any questions between sessions.

Next Intake November 2021

what we cover

Your Client Attraction Strategy (CAS) - what you need to do daily, weekly and monthly to ensure a steady flow of clients enquiring and enrolling

Where you're leaking energy and brilliance, which business tasks can you put down for good

What is the SAMCO code of coaching. How to build solid foundations for your business

Why you need to give away to gain influence in order to outshine your competition and build 'know, like trust'

How to shift your mindset from 'selling' to powerfully 'serving' your clients and audience

Why the hard-sell is unnecessary in a heart-centred business, and how to state your prices with confidence 

The importance of a Proactive and Passive CAS 

Coaching niches - my take on whether they are essential to a heart led coaching practice

The exact tools, processes and systems I use for attracting, nurturing and engaging with my audience, as well as managing my clients pre enrolment, during and post enrolment

The nitty gritty - including contracts, invoicing and best practice agreements

How to define  and attract your target client, and what to do if you need to 'fire' a client (hopefully it won't happen but if it does you'll know how to handle the situation)

Websites, personal branding, professional photos, and all that attraction jazz - what is essential and what won't elevate your brand

Pricing, packages and your money mindset! 

Challenging the YES to ensure that a client really wants to make the change.

I believe that coaching is a profession that has the power to touch many and change lives. I also believe that many people decide to become a  coach for the wrong reasons, believing it will bring them fame and fortune.

In the past year the media has been quick to name and shame coaches that are are under-qualified and overcharging,  and now more than ever having credentials and/or experience on your side is integral. With that in mind, all coaches that wish to apply for the mentorship programme, must be able to provide evidence of their coaching accreditation. I feel strongly that I do not wish to enable under qualified coaches with the tools and techniques to attract clients  when they do not have the experience or education to powerfully serve their clients.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, Google search "ICF Accredited Coaching Course" and take a look at the many providers who offer coaching courses in the area you wish to specialise (health, relationships, business etc).

important Things to Note