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How to Get Free Trend Inspiration from Industry Experts

In this article Joanne Griffin, founder of Arnold & Bird shares how you can get free trend information from the leading experts without spending a penny.

How to Get Free Trend Inspiration from Industry Experts | Small and Mighty Co.

The big trend experts charge a lot of money for their services. And when I say a lot I’m talking everywhere from hundreds of pounds up to tens of thousands to be part of their memberships a year. Yikes! That’s a lot for any small business to fork out for.

So I’m sharing my knowledge of how you can get free information from these trends experts for free. These are some of the same tactics I used whilst working at and was gathering information to influence the product development and campaigns our team was working on.

Included are 10 different places you can go to for free trend information, a bit about each company and where to head to find the best bits they share. But as a general rule, each business normally shares great insights on their blogs, social media and newsletters.

It’s amazing what trend resources you and get for nothing – and who doesn’t love a freebie right!


WGSN is the biggest trend authority and has been around since 1998. They cover all product categories as well as consumer trends and almost all of the big businesses use their services. If you pay for their membership expect a lot of information and also a hefty price tag.

The WGSN blog gives you a glimpse into what membership includes and they put up a new post every weekday. Type keywords into the search bar and use the navigation at the top to find articles relevant to your business.

Be sure to check out their YouTube channel for insider fashion info. And if you sign up to their newsletter they’ll often send out shortened versions of the full reports they put up on their paid site.

Trend Bible

Trend Bible specialises in home & interiors, baby & child, gifts and greetings. The produce gorgeous trend books that you can buy for a discounted price the closer it gets to the season they were created for.

Trend Bible’s newsletter is great for monthly trend updates so it’s worthwhile subscribing. You can also get free demo trend reports for key occasions by filling in your details on their blog when they introduce new content.

LS:N Global

LS:N Global focuses on consumer trends and understanding changing customer behaviours and attitudes. They really dig into macro trends and what’s happening with your customer.

Head to the News section on their website where daily inspiration is shared across different industries and highlights innovative products and services. Use the filter section at the top to search by your product category.


Patterbank features a range of surface pattern and textile designs in a marketplace you can purchase from. Plus trend reports you can buy that cover graphics, prints and patterns at more of an affordable price than their competitors.

Patternbank’s blog features excerpts from their trend reports and provides a great glimpse into catwalk and print themes for different seasons.

Trend Stop

Trend Stop focuses on fashion and lifestyle trends alongside consumer insights.

Browse through their blog and you’ll be able to pick out the key trends from trade shows and brands that really appeal to you. Perfect for fashion and accessory brands out there.

Pattern Curator

Pattern Curator is one of my personal faves. Kristine who runs it frequently shares inspiration mood boards on her blog, Pinterest and Instagram so it’s always easy to get a curated does of visual inspo.

Their downloadable PDF’s are also super affordable if you want to dive a bit deeper into a specific trend.


Stylus was started by one of the original founders of WGSN so you know it’ll be good. They focus on cross-industry trends and consumer shifts.

Head to The Brief section which is the blog where they share innovative ideas. Plus they’ve started a podcast called Future Thinking meaning you can get inspiration on the go and while you work.

Fashion Snoops

With a name like Fashion Snoops you’d think they’d just focus on fashion. But this company also covers accessories, home decor, beauty, media and marketing.

Follow them on Instagram where they share inspiring companies, products and upcoming reports they are working on. Read between the lines to see what they’re predicting will be coming up.


Colossal is an online gallery of contemporary art and visual expression that explores a vast range of creative disciplines.

Their newsletter is a must in my inbox and I love reading all about the amazing art and products they discover. Sign up for an edited dose or search on their website using the top nav to navigate to areas that interest you.


If you’re a creative retail business then you’re likely selling on Etsy and maybe too. Both of these marketplaces share trend information with their sellers.

The Etsy trends are open to all but subscribe to their newsletter to make sure you don’t miss them. only shares their trend information with their sellers on a platform they call Spark. If you’re a seller make sure to check it out.

Enjoy getting inspired and researching all these visual trends you can use in your product development!


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