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Four 2020 Wedding Trends to Add to Your Product Range

It’s wedding season! Which means it’s a great time to tap into these four 2020 wedding trends. 
Whether you’re solely a wedding based business, or you sell home & gift products. Read through these four 2020 weddings trends, put together by Joanne Griffin, founder of Arnold & Bird, and see how you can add them to your product range – be it a few new products or a brand new collection. 

I’ve created a Pinterest board for these four 2020 wedding trends so you can get lots of visual inspiration too. As that’s where your creative juices really get going! 

2020 Wedding Trends Pinterest board

Eco-friendly weddings

Sustainability is not just a trend but a movement. Blue Planet II, the war on plastic and climate change means that customers want brands to help them be more eco-friendly. Consumers are looking to brands who are open and honest about their products and values and this is where small businesses have a big advantage over larger retailers. 

This trend and movement is translating into all areas of retail and weddings are no different. A few ways you can add this into your range include:

Enabling couples to have a low waste wedding. Think plants or paper flowers instead of cut flowers, using recycled paper for wedding stationery and bamboo plates and cutlery. 

Buying vintage continues to be popular as customers look back to the good old days for nostalgia and happy memories. Add in a vintage offering of dresses, veils, shoes, accessories, jewellery and decorations.

Giving functional favours. Gone are the days of sugared almonds and favours people don’t need. Offer guests favours they’ll use such as food, plants, seeds to sow and beauty products. 

Nature-inspired themes continue to be popular. Think of using flowers and their meanings, greenery designs and under the sea references.  

Personalised weddings

A wedding may be just one day, but it’s a day that signifies the start of a couples life together and one they’ll always remember. Couples want a day that is bespoke and personalised to them. So they can show off their personality and give guests a glimpse into their life. 

You can help couples be unique by: 

If you create wedding stationery offer a service where you can add a bespoke message to each guest on their place setting. A thoughtful way for the couple to say thank you for each guest for coming. 

And if budget isn’t an issue then how can you help couples create personal favours tailored to each guest. A unique way to give every guest something they’ll really love to keep.

Bespoke wedding stationery is a good way to make a wedding personal from the first invitation to the on the day stationery. Create this through custom illustrations to really show off what a couple is all about. It could be everything from travel, their home, pets, children… the list here really is endless! 

Moody weddings

No, I’m not talking about an upset bride or groom. But about deep, rich and jewel-toned colours. Moody colours have been rising in popularity in interiors and this trend is now moving into weddings too. 

Ways to bring these colours and mood into a wedding include: 

Moody colours that use bright pigment shades such as mulberry, teal, navy, emerald, peacock blue,  and violet.

Adding pops of metallics works really well with these moody colours. Gold is always popular at weddings but think about brass, copper and pewter as well. 

Look at incorporating luxurious fabrics and textures such as velvet, suede and velour. A layer of vellum paper over deep colours also works well for wedding invitations.  

OTT weddings

Last but not least we’re going big for this trend! Over the top and more is more is the theme but while still being stylish. 

If this style suits your business then add it to your products in the following ways: 

Large installations. Think flower or balloon arches, entrances and sculptures. There’s also a move towards non-traditional wedding flowers such as pampas grass and wheat. 

When it comes to the wedding dress look at adding oversized puffy sleeves, large bows or statements earrings (or all three if that’s your style!). Or how about oversized table centrepieces and decorations to adorn the room.  

This trend is all about bringing the fun side of a wedding out and in turn the joy of it for the couple and the guests. 

If you’d like further trend information and to know what your customers are thinking and doing. Then download three key trends and how they relate to your specific category in the 2020 trend guide.

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Beyond the blog

Feeling inspired and want to move your ideas into action steps? Get in touch with Joanne for product development & design support to bring your ideas to life, feel confident in your products and move your business forward. She also designs bespoke wedding stationery if you’re getting married yourself!