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Copywriter vs. SEO: Do You Need Both?

In this article, SEO Expert Pri and Copywriter Charlotte tell us about the difference between copywriting and writing copy for SEO – as there are some distinct differences…


Copywriter vs Seo: What Is the Difference and Do You Need Both?


In early January, I met up with Sam and my fellow Cos for an afternoon of surprises, yummy sandwiches and afternoon tea. One person I was looking forward to meeting was our very own copywriting expert, Charlotte who I had spoken to online, several times.

Realising there was an overlap in our businesses, we wanted to write a blog post about the differences between our roles and how working with us as a duo is beneficial for a small and mighty business. 

What is a Copywriter?

When I searched for an official definition of what a copywriter does, I found many variations. To avoid any confusion, I asked Charlotte for the inside scope.

‘Essentially a copywriter is somebody who writes text (or copy as it’s usually referred to) for advertising or marketing a brand or business. A copywriter will write across both digital and print-based content offerings, from email campaigns to printed marketing materials, a copywriter will write the words needed to persuade the person reading to take action. Copywriters will not only write to educate, inform and inspire, but they will do so while maintaining a brand’s tone of voice to build brand identity.’

In other words, if you want someone to understand your business and guide you on creating content that will connect with your dream client, you need to reach out to a copywriter.

What does an SEO Expert do?

While Charlotte focuses on creating compelling content, I am purely focused on improving visibility in search engines. My job is to create a strategy for your website so you can find more of your dream clients without paying for any traffic. I can recommend keywords, give blog post suggestions and identify content gaps but then it’s up to you and your copywriter to create the content.

On publishing the content, I can track performance for you and give you business insights that can help you make smarter decisions going forward.

Together, we’ll be able to set up goals so you can track how well certain products are converting and which websites send you the most traffic.

Do I need to work with an SEO expert and a copywriter?

In an ideal world, yes. While you may initially work with a copywriter to get your website up and running, they’ll often need keyword support from a strategist before they can start. Charlotte will often work with an SEO specialist to understand the keywords required for any digital content. Once she has the keywords, she can use them naturally into the copy so not only will the copy feel organic for the reader but, also benefit the brand’s SEO efforts too. Once your copywriter has written your content and optimised it for on page, it’s back to your search strategist who can help you build links to your website and ensure your page is ready to be indexed by Google.

In my experience, I’ve found that most product-based businesses will often skip working with a strategist from the beginning as they are not familiar with the benefits. E-Commerce websites are complicated due to product and category set up so having someone come in at the beginning of your web design will help with best practices.

How to make the most out of working with your copywriter and SEO

Copywriters and SEOs will often have a list of contacts with whom they have a good working relationship. Depending on your business needs, they may recommend many variable options.

While picking businesses that already have a working relationship isn’t a ‘must have’ it certainly makes life easier as they will be able to take ownership and give you some well deserved time off.

Beyond the blog

We are lucky enough to have a copywriter, a SEO strategist and a web designer in the Co. No matter where you are in your business, we’ll be able to guide you with best practices and your ideal client in mind. We all offer free discovery calls where you can speak to one or all of us together to better understand how to get your small and mighty business visible.

You can also read more of our advice on our blog about finding the right website platform, updating your website copy and creating an SEO strategy.