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Seven Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working | Small and Mighty Co.

Has a lack of success with Facebook/Instagram ads led you to believe Facebook ads aren’t right for your business? In this article, Carly Stringer, founder of Keystone Virtual, talk you through why your Facebook Ads aren’t working. Facebook currently has 2.38 billion monthly active users and Instagram has over 1 billion. As an independent retailer, […]

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Build Trust and Increase Sales with User-Generated Content on Instagram | Small and Mighty Co.

In an era of social scepticism, authenticity and building trust among your online audience has never been more important. In this article Carly Stringer, founder Keystone Virtual talks you through why UGC (user-generated content) is key for helping you build trust and those all important sales. One of the best ways to build this trust […]

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Why You Should Take a Look at What Ads Other Businesses Are Running on Instagram & Facebook |

Find out how you can see what ads other businesses are running on Facebook and Instagram right now and what insights you can take away from this research to inform your own ad strategy.

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In this article, Social Media Expert Carly Stringer shares her advice for all you product-based businesses or indie retailers, as to why you should be using social media to connect with your audience and convert them into loyal customers. If you are an indie retailer you can’t afford to not be active on social media […]

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In this article wholesale expert Therese Oertenblad of Small Business Collaborative shares her advice for discovering, and reaching out to potential new stockists using social media. The industry hasn’t changed a great deal since I started, but what has changed is the use of social media and the sheer volume of information available. The use […]

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Do this by asking your followers questions or take them behind the scenes to make them feel involved in the design process. Use the following tips to get your ideal customer excited about your next new product.

Your social media following on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, is a powerful tool to help you develop your product range.  In this article Joanne Griffin, talks you through her top tips for utilising your ideal customer for product development help. Ask questions Ask your followers questions, but make sure they’re the right ones. If you ask […]

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Six Social Media Trends for 2019 That You Shouldn’t Ignore

The month of January is always flooded with blog posts on social media trends for the year ahead. In this article, Carly Stringer of Keystone Virtual provides insight into the 6 social media trends for 2019 that Small and Mighty businesses shouldn’t ignore, with tips on how you can begin to incorporate them into your […]

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The #smallandmightystories Instagram Stories Challenge

April is the month of change, the clocks have gone forward, Spring is.. springing up and YOU are going to start putting yourself out there on Instagram Stories and I have the perfect challenge for you.

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Debunking the Latest Instagram Algorithm Rumours

Viral blog posts; a blessing and a curse!  Some are super useful and others, not so much. 

Here are ten statements made in a recent viral blog post – and my take on them.

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How to Thrive as a Small Business on Instagram in 2018

In 2018 there is going to be a BIG shake-up for all Instagram users and brand and I, for one, am excited, so what are my predicted trends for the platform?

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