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Small and Mighty conversations

A weekly podcast celebrating and supporting small business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

Each week I talk to a new guest to discuss the how and why behind starting his or her own independent business. Covering everything from funding their dream to how they use social media to build their brand, each episode is full of real experience. 

I also invite industry experts to share their valuable knowledge and expertise with the Small and Mighty Conversation listeners. Previous guests include Holly Tucker of Not On The High Street and Holly & Co, Richard Huntington of Saatchi & Saatchi and Lucy Ward of Trouva.

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The Future of Fashion, with Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Brand Consultant | Small and Mighty Conversations

Closing season three, we have fellow Small and Mighty ‘Co’, Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Brand Consultant. In today’s episode, Elizabeth shares how she got in to working in fashion and starting her own consultancy, her top tips for emerging and established fashion brands and her thoughts around sustainability in the industry and whether it is a […]

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S3 E09: Amiee Carlton, Liferocks | Small and Mighty Conversations

In this weeks episode, I chat with London based Amiee Carlton, Master NLP Practitioner, Development Coach and Energy Worker and founder of Liferocks. We chat about Amiee’s transition from fashion designer to self-employed crystal healer and energy worker, how you can use crystals, manifestation and ‘speaking with your soul’ to further yourself both personally and professionally and […]

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'The Future of Retail' with Catherine Erdly, Future Retail Consulting | Small and Mighty Conversations

In this episode, I chat with fellow Small and Mighty ‘Co’, Catherine Erdly, founder of Future Retail Consulting. Catherine is a highly experienced retail expert, with almost two decades of experience working for many well-known retailers and now works with independent brands to help them get more organised and make more money. We chat about […]

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Small and Mighty Conversations | Libby Ballard Ceramics

In episode seven of Small and Mighty Conversations, I chat with the lovely Libby Ballard, maker and designer behind Libby Ballard Ceramics, lovingly producing hand-thrown ceramic tableware from her studio in Bristol. In this episode, Libby and I chat about starting a business and the process Libby went through (sharing some super useful tips), why […]

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Small and Mighty Conversations | S3 E06: Emma Giacalone, Emma Giacalone Textiles

In episode six, I chat with the lovely Emma Giacalone, free-motion embroidery artist and founder of Emma Giacalone Textiles. Emma and I chat about starting a business off the back of her passion product, her top two successes of 2018, her love of Instagram and how she uses it to guide her when it comes […]

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S3. E05: Gayle Mansfield, Gayle Mansfield Designs

In episode 5 of season three, I chat with Gayle Mansfield, founder of Gayle Mansfield Designs about Instagram, business, influencer marketing, it’s probably one of my favourite interviews to date, we had such a laugh. Gayle has always had a huge passion for design, interiors and styling her own home, and Steve, her husband, is […]

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S3 E04: Martha Keith, Martha Brook

In this weeks episode, I had the chance to chat with Martha Keith, founder of Martha Brook,  the home of delightfully individual stationery that inspires, uplifts and enchants. For the past two years, I have followed Martha on Instagram and have watched her business boom and couldn’t wait to get her on the show. Martha and […]

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Small and Mighty Conversations. S3 E03: Claire Richards, Delicious Monster Tea

In today’s episode, I chat with Claire Richards, the ‘one woman band’ behind Delicious Monster Tea, a personalised embroidered t-shirt business. Claire and I chat about the power of social media, especially Instagram to grow your business and keep you sane, as well as how happy coincidences have shaped our businesses, and the impact Fearne Cotton can have your business!

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In today’s episode, I chat with Small and Mighty ‘Co’ Sophie French. Sophie is an incredible life and business mentor who turned her own life and business around when she was suffering from anxiety, uncertainty, comparison, confusion, and a dwindling bank account to motivate and inspire other small business owners to believe they can and ‘crush […]

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Small and Mighty Conversations S3 E01: Ros Heathcote, Borough Broth Company

In today’s episode, I chat with Ros Heathcote, founder of ‘Great Taste’ award-winning broth brand ‘Borough Broth Company‘. Founded in 2015 as a side-hustle, Ros has grown her business to a team of ten and is now stocked in Selfridges, Whole Foods, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. We chat about growing a business from a passion product, […]

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