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Hands-up who watches a thrilling TV drama and then spends the rest of the day feeling on edge? or a weepy movie and for some reason, you’re feeling down about life and yet you spend a couple of hours watching a comedian and you’re in a good mood for the rest of the day? What […]

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Hands up who regularly has as a case of  “the Monday’s” that somehow extends into the whole week? Well, Life and Business Coach Sophie French has a pep-talk specifically for you! My friend and I were talking recently about the fact that sometimes you have to remind yourself: you’ve got to sit your butt down […]

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In this article Life and Business Coach, Sophie French shares her words of wisdom of how you can take back control of your business and avoid burn-out from being a client or customer people-pleaser. A couple of years back, my word of the year was boundaries. In business, in my personal life, with my time, […]

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Imposter Syndrome. Female entrepreneurs are more likely to suffer from it than our male counterparts, we constantly ponder over our abilities and worry about what others think of us. Life and Business Mentor Sophie French gives us all a pep-talk on how to stop those made-up stories holding us back from pursuing our greatness in business, life and love.

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Sophie French our contributing expert on motivation and helping you to crush the can’t, shares her thoughts in today’s article about how taking time to look after your mind will help you prosper in business and life.

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I am a legal drama enthusiast (I think being a lawyer was a missed profession in life) and occasionally things come my way that gives me a chance to help someone, for nothing or to give it a professional and Latin term, “pro bono”.  A few months ago I was approached by someone about writing their LinkedIn profile to help them look for a job after being made redundant. 

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