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IGTV is currently the most underused tool on Instagram by small businesses. In this article Content Marketing and Instagram Expert, Sam Burgess shares why this marketing channel is essential for your business as well as the ‘how to’s’ to make your IGTV stand out from the rest. In June 2018, Instagram launched the latest addition […]

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In this article, Pri Kruijen, SEO expert has pulled together what you need to look out for when assessing whether an influencer is a right match for your business.

In this article, Pri Kruijen, SEO expert has pulled together what you need to look out for when assessing whether an influencer is a right match for your business. Often influencers tempt smaller brands with the promise of a juicy backlink to their website and tons of traffic but similar to Instagram – not all […]

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Six Social Media Trends for 2019 That You Shouldn’t Ignore

The month of January is always flooded with blog posts on social media trends for the year ahead. In this article, Carly Stringer of Keystone Virtual provides insight into the 6 social media trends for 2019 that Small and Mighty businesses shouldn’t ignore, with tips on how you can begin to incorporate them into your […]

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The #smallandmightystories Instagram Stories Challenge

April is the month of change, the clocks have gone forward, Spring is.. springing up and YOU are going to start putting yourself out there on Instagram Stories and I have the perfect challenge for you.

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Debunking the Latest Instagram Algorithm Rumours

Viral blog posts; a blessing and a curse!  Some are super useful and others, not so much. 

Here are ten statements made in a recent viral blog post – and my take on them.

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How to Thrive as a Small Business on Instagram in 2018

In 2018 there is going to be a BIG shake-up for all Instagram users and brand and I, for one, am excited, so what are my predicted trends for the platform?

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The Rise of the Micro-Brand: Why Bigger Isn't Better on Instagram

It might surprise you to learn that on Instagram you can be too popular.

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What You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

Everyone is an “expert” in social media these days, and when looking for someone to support you with your business’ social, your first instinct may well be to go to a millennial with thousands of followers! Because they know what they’re doing, right?


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5 Apps to Improve Your Instagram Photos

The second best-kept secret to better Instagram posts is edit, edit, edit! (Number one is to learn how to take a better photo).

I have pretty much every editing app on my iPhone, and I dread to think as to how much I have spent over the years on apps in an attempt to improve my ‘gram or achieve a particular aesthetic. 

In this post, I am going to share my current “go-to” apps to improve your Instagram images and use one photo as an example as to how I have improved it using three of the apps.

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Five really easy things you could be doing to jumpstart your Instagram engagement and build your brand…

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