Product based retail businesses e.g. independents, creatives and brands

Personal brand, people-centric service businesses e.g. yoga teachers, personal trainers, coaches, creative freelancers etc.

Business owners ready to learn and drive their business forward, you’ll be the face of the business 

Who is this for?

By working with me for 12 weeks you’ll get to pull from my 15 years retail experience, six years as a personal brand and entrepreneur, extensive marketing and consumer behaviour knowledge and life and business coaching skills. You’ll have a dedicated consultant that is going to show you what you need to do, why you need to do it and when you need to deliver it by. Oh, and I'll keep you accountable every step of the way. 

You also get access to my "Little Black Book" of trusted experts who, if needed, we can bring in to help bring your vision to life.

What to expect

We begin with initial 60 minute call to assess some basics and understand precisely where you are and what your business needs along with an outline of the programme and getting some dates in the diary. The first being ninety minute session to kick-start our relationship. After this, you’ll have clear actions to go away and make happen and I'll be following up on WhatsApp between our sessions to make sure everything is going to plan and supporting you if not.

self-discovery call

Moving forward you have five further online sessions, ideally once a fortnight. These sessions will keep you on track, to brainstorm new ideas and for me to be a sounding board for you.. I’ll also be at the end a WhatsApp Business message whenever you need me in between; no matter your questions.

ON-GOING support

The Process:

At the end of the 12-weeks my goal is for you to feel confident enough to achieve your ambitions.

Clients to who work with me for 12-weeks have the option at the end to go onto a contract for monthly check-ins and on-going WhatsApp support.

Firstly, we’ll look at your business as a whole; what you want for your business and where you want it to go. We’ll determine who your target customer is and how do to attract them, alongside covering product, pricing and value - we'll be looking at this from both the actual costs of your product/service and your money mindset - are you underselling your product/service due to self-perception? (This is VERY common).

01. business Overview

Next up is initial customer/client touch points, such as social media, website (branding, customer journey, design and copy), PR strategy and advertising plan.

02. Touch Points

We’ll then assess retaining your customers/clients and turning window shoppers into loyal repeat customers.

This includes analysing all your other marketing channels such as mailing lists, influencer marketing, blogging, brand partnerships and anything else that you either currently do, or we believe your dream customer would want from you.

03. Customer Retention

My intention is for you to have a streamlined business, a clear plan of action, and a strategy that saves you time.

 At the end of the 12-weeks I want you to feel equipped with the skills to keep you focused, positive, on-brand and most importantly, profitable. 

04. streamlined strategy

A breakdown of what's included

Welcome pack

Coaching and Mentoring Goals questionnaire and Business Vision questionnaire, to get you digging deep about your business and thinking about what you want.

SIX video calls

Six 60-minute, video or phone calls. You bring to the call each week what's gone well, what hasn't and what you want to talk about in that session. These can either be more coaching focussed - I ask you questions, or mentoring led - you ask me questions and pull from my experience.

on-going support

On-going support throughout our time together, via WhatsApp.


A dedicated Google Drive where you can share documents with me, and I can pop in exercises and recommended reading for you.

Little Black Book

Access to my "Little Black Book" of experts who we can call on to action key points (additional investment will be required).

Each client is taken on via an assessment call, that can last up to an hour. I only work with a handful of clients at once and it's really important that the chemistry is there from the start, and I get a sense of your commitment to change and investing in yourself. My integrity means I will never take on a client where I don't believe I am able to facilitate change.  If you are unsure as to whether you are ready for coaching, please check this video on out on my Instagram.

Subject to availability, I am able to offer evening sessions to accommodate those in full-time employment or overseas. 

Book in for a 'Self Discovery Call' today to learn more about how we could potentially work together. If no times are showing I am currently fully-booked, please reach out here and we'll see what we can do.

Due to a recent rise in "no-shows", it is with regret that a non refundable £50 charge now applies to self-discovery calls. This is to ensure you are serious about investing in yourself. If you have doubts, this will give someone else the opportunity to book that call slot.

Should you decide to proceed with mentoring this will be deducted (less Stripe card fees) from your first invoice..

I have recently reopened discovery calls for a limited number of spaces for my 12 weeks coaching programme to start In January/February 2022.

f no times are showing as available, please contact me to join the waitlist.

Terms and conditions of booking can be found here.

important Things to Note

Sam is a rare find for our company and has very quickly become indispensable. We work very closely together on our business strategy, development and how to implement new ideas. She is more than just "a coach", she is now an invaluable member of our team.; because that's her attitude to success, our success is her success.

I, as the founder of our family business, am over the moon for investing in coaching with Sam; on a personal level too. Sam has a plethora of skills that she applies to her work. He coaching style is focused, direct and empathetic - and I like that! 

Without her counsel my business would not be where it is today - weeks away from launch!

With her help, I managed to focus and to act on a step-by-step strategy, to achieve my goals. We have worked on details such as marketing, pricing, strategy, positioning, branding, collections, structure and PR and all the important legal requirements. 

She is a one-of-a-kind gem of a professional, whom I love! If you are looking for a coach for you and your business, in Sam you will find a fair-play, professional, clever and knowledgable supporter. You will learn so much personally through the journey, like I did. I only wish I had met Sam sooner, so I could avoid some of the previous mistakes and walking in the dark. 

She is a one-of-a-kind gem of a professional, whom I love! 

- Adriana, atelier dickson

Working with Sam has been probably the best decision I've made since starting my own business.

 I first came to Sam via her online courses as I really wanted tangible tips and advice for how to grow my business and she definitely offered those. However, it was signing up for coaching with Sam that has made the biggest difference as she asks questions that make you look hard at some of your own belief systems and how those in turn can impact the decisions you make in life and in business.

The support she offers as part of her coaching is extensive and on tap - when you need advice, motivation, or even a high five, Sam is there. With Sam's guidance, I've re-evaluated where I need to focus my efforts which has not only been great for my confidence but also for the growth of my business. 

Sam is warm, kind and encouraging and genuinely wants you to succeed and knows that you can, even if you might not at first! 

For those of you who work alone or in a small team, Sam is the wise and non-judgemental set of ears that you need to help you open your eyes and achieve what you want for yourself and your business. 

Sam is the wise and non-judgemental set of ears that you need to help you open your eyes and achieve what you want for yourself and your business.

- kate, kitty holmes

I am so lucky to have found Sam! She is the all-round mentor I've been looking for. Her no-nonsense approach to business is so refreshing. She's a genius at social media and her extensive experience in marketing is quite obvious. She's fun to work with, has great ideas and is right at the cutting edge of new social media developments. I've really enjoyed learning marketing and social media techniques and really feel that Sam is helping me to grow my business. 

I really feel that Sam is helping me to grow my business.

- Lucy, Zulucow

Sam supported me over the course of three months and it was a game changer for me. Sam is warm and bubbly and a fantastic coach and mentor. I needed help with the organisation and marketing of my business, as well as social media and Sam’s knowledge and experience was second to none. We had monthly follow up calls but if I had any questions in the meantime, she was always on call to support in any way she could. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs to take their business to the next level.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who needs to take their business to the next level.

- Amanda, georgian dollar

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