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Sometimes you just need a little inside info in order to get your brand looking beautiful across the board. In this article Brand Stylist Meg Harrop shares three simple hacks to help you stay consistent with your branding. I’ve spoken in previous blog posts about keeping your branding consistent across all platforms and all the […]

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What are the building blocks of a strong brand? In this article Brand Stylist, Meg Harrop discusses what the seven key attributes are and gives tips on how to strengthen each one. Before we dive into the elements that make up a strong brand, let’s first recap what a brand actually is. It’s a big […]

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How are some brands able to achieve such instant recognition? Brand recognition comes down to one super simple concept – Consistency! In this article Brand Stylist, Meg Harrop walks through four tips for keeping consistent with your brand message and visuals, and why this one concept can help your business to grow. We’ve all seen […]

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In this article, Meg Harrop talks about what exactly a Brand Stylist is, how the work they do differs from that of other designers, and some of the reasons to hire one to work on your branding for you. Your brand represents the heartbeat of your business. It tells the world who you are, what […]

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Typography Basics for Small and Mighty Businesses | Small and Mighty Co.

Good design has the power to build trust, credibility, and customers perception of value. Typography is at the heart of good design, so in this blog post Brand Stylist, Meg Harrop gives us some tips on how you can begin to use the basics of good type design within your business. Maybe you’re not a […]

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A Guide to Choosing a Colour Palette That Feels True to Your Brand | Small and Mighty Co.

Choosing the perfect colour palette for your brand can seem like a daunting task when you don’t know where to start – in this post Brand Stylist Meg Harrop shares her advice on choosing a palette based on your brand personality and values. Colour plays a major role in making your brand recognisable and holds […]

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To the right person, your brand design should feel like a siren call, irresistible and mysteriously compelling. Imagery and design is often the very first experience we have with a brand or product – so it’s so important to get it right. It’s equally important to know when your brand design is working well for […]

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Five Branding Mistakes and How to Easily Avoid Them

When a brand design is done well everything flows and the overall look is cohesive and professional. There is an element of trust built with your audience through that initial impression. Considered use of colour, typography, and imagery gives that first taste of your ‘brand promise’ and you’ll want to make sure that ‘promise’ falls […]

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Why It’s Essential for Your Growing Business to Have a Full Brand Identity

When you have a product based business, there are so many touch points with your customers and audience, which means tonnes of chances to solidify your brand and message in their eyes. In this blog post Brand Stylist Meg Harrop discusses why it’s essential for your growing business to have more than a single logo design, […]

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Brand vs. Branding? Demystifying the Difference

Brand or Branding? Two words often interchanged but actually, they are completely different buzzwords both with equal importance to your small and mighty business. Meg Harrop, Brand Stylist gives you the lowdown on what each of these are and why they are of equal importance when it comes to building a brand that goes the […]

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