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When the quiet business period hits, try not to be overwhelmed. Moments like these open a space for organisation and creativity, rather than falling into a rut of overthinking and demotivation. In this article, Fashion Brand Consultant Elizabeth Stiles shares her top five tips on making the most of your business lull. Quiet periods offer […]

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In this article, Fashion Brand Consultant Elizabeth Stiles shares her top eight tips on developing a commercial product range. In previous articles, I have discussed starting a successful fashion business and shared some key tips to aid you in your start-up journey. Once the business concept has been carefully crafted and established, it’s inevitable that […]

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Succeeding as an independent fashion company is a tough business. Competition is rife in the fashion start-up world, trends are moving at a faster pace than imaginable and as a result, your customer’s wants and needs are constantly fluctuating with the times. In such a daunting industry, a creative rut is to be expected, but […]

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In this article, Fashion Brand Consultant, Elizabeth Stiles, shares her recap of the AW19 trends and how you can interpret these trends into your collections.  Remember that fashion is slowing down so don’t put too much pressure on to cover all the trends at the ‘right’ time. WHEN REVIEWING THE TRENDS BELOW, HAVE A THINK […]

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Why so Many Independent Fashion Brands Fail and How to Succeed | Small and Mighty Co.

A topic close to the heart of contributing author Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Consultant. In this article, she shares her insight into why so many indie brands fail and how these faux pas can be avoided. I started working as a consultant because the success rate in small business startups is so low.  I knew the […]

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How to Place an Order Confirmation with a Factory | smallandmighty.co

In this article ex Fashion Buyer, Elizabeth Stiles shares the two things you need to do to ensure a much smoother process when working with a factory. A lot of my clients come to me as they are nervous about working with a factory for their products which is totally understandable! It can be a […]

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How to Make Your Clothing Brand More Ethical | smallandmighty.co

Blue Planet? Stacey Dooley’s documentary on fashion pollution? They’re both having an enormous impact on the way we shop and ‘conscious consumerism’. In this article, Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Consultant, gives us the low down on how you can make you clothing brand more ethical. First things first, I want to let you know that you […]

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Three Consumer Trends to Implement in 2019 | smallandmighty.co

In this article ex Fashion Buyer, Elizabeth Stiles shares her top consumer trends Indie brands need to implement this year. The retail world is changing very quickly and I read a quote recently that really struck a chord with me : “I believe the ‘death of the high street’ is a myth; I think it’s […]

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5 Questions to Ask a Potential Clothing Manufacturer

Unsure what to ask a potential clothing manufacturer when starting out? Fashion Brand Consultant, Elizabeth Stiles gives us the low-down on the top five questions you need to ask.   Leadtimes When you’re looking for a manufacturer, it’s important to know when you want to launch and work backwards from then!  It’s vital to know […]

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How British Manufacturing Can Increase Your Profit Margin

Manufacturing in the UK automatically brings up thoughts of extra expenses and tight profit margins, however, this is often not the case.  In this article, Fashion Retail Consultant Elizabeth Stiles outlines ten reasons why ‘Made in Britain’ can increase your small business’ profit margin and streamline your production process. 1. Distance / Time Difference Geography […]

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