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You may have seen the term ‘brand storytelling’ doing the rounds online – and rightly so, it’s a powerful tool for brands to connect with their customers. In this article E-Commerce Copywriter Charlotte Ferris shares the art of storytelling. Every single brand has a story to share, however that doesn’t necessarily mean that working out […]

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In this article, Charlotte Ferris, E-Commerce Copywriter shares five steps you can put into practice so that you can find your brand voice and be confident with what you want to say and how you want to say it. Your brand needs a voice, but knowing what tone to use, the right words to choose […]

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There’s no time quite like the spring to freshen things up. We’re not talking tidying your desk space or prepping paperwork though; we’re talking taking a look at your website and giving your e-commerce copy a makeover, a spring clean if you will! By doing this you’ll ensure your copy and messaging is clear and […]

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When you sell products online, from candles to coffee, one of the very first things that will likely spring to mind is how you’re going to describe your goods and go about creating the perfect e-commerce product copy. So where do you start? Writing to sell your product is undeniably important; once your customer has […]

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If you’re struggling to write product descriptions and e-commerce copy, you are not alone. In this article, Charlotte Ferris founder of Media Luxe shares her six tips for engaging your audience and increasing your sales through captivating copy. When you’re a product based business or an independent retailer and you sell online, your website or […]

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