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In this article, Catherine Erdly, founder of Future Retail Consulting, looks at three ways to boost your bottom line by identifying areas where you could be losing money in your small product business. How much stock do you have? Do you know how much stock you are holding in your business?  If you make your […]

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In this article Retail Business Consultant, Catherine Erdly shares why ‘Hero Products’ are imperative for the success of your small business and why 80% of your incomes comes from just 20% of your range. Where do you take most of your money? When you review your sales, have you ever looked at not just how […]

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The news at the moment is full of stories about large high street retailers in trouble. If you own a retail business or are planning to start one, you’re probably wondering what’s next for the retail industry, in this article Retail Business Consultant, Catherine Erdly shares her thoughts on what’s next for the Great British […]

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In this article, Catherine Erdly of Future Retail Consulting outlines three methods that you can track and see if you are growing your sales in every way that you can. Ask most product entrepreneurs what their goals are for their business, and most of them will talk about growing their sales. When asked for more […]

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You’ve put in the work, and you managed to secure yourself a meeting with a larger retailer, you’ve celebrated this milestone, but now you’re not quite sure of what to do next.

Catherine from Future Retail and Therese from the Small Business Collaborative answers your most common questions from both the sale and the buying side so that you know what to expect during your meeting and what follow up to do afterwards. 

If you want to find out more about preparing for your meeting, there is more information here.

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If you are at the beginning of your journey towards owning a product business, or if you are already on that journey but feeling lost, Strategy Consultant Catherine Erdly outlines four key steps to growing your product business. Building a product-based business is an amazing journey. Nothing beats the feeling that you get when your products […]

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Pricing your products is a common issue for the small and mighty business owner, too low and you not only undervalue your business and decrease your profit margin, too high and you worry your customers won’t buy. In this article, Catherine Erdly of Future Retail Consulting provides insight to pricing that pays-off. Why does pricing […]

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