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Find out how you can see what ads other businesses are running on Facebook and Instagram right now and what insights you can take away from this research to inform your own ad strategy.

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In this article, Social Media Expert Carly Stringer shares her advice for all you product-based businesses or indie retailers, as to why you should be using social media to connect with your audience and convert them into loyal customers. If you are an indie retailer you can’t afford to not be active on social media […]

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If you are advertising your products on Facebook/Instagram then you need to install the Facebook Pixel (and make sure it’s firing correctly). Carly Stringer is here to tell you what the Pixel is, why you need it and how to add the Facebook Pixel to Shopify. What is the ‘Facebook Pixel’? The Facebook pixel is […]

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If you don’t use Facebook advertising you are missing out on opportunities to convert more customers, make more sales and keep those customers coming back for more. Carly Stringer of Keystone Virtual provides eight reasons why e-commerce business owners should be using Facebook ads to attract customers and increase sales this year. The amount spent […]

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The month of January is always flooded with blog posts on social media trends for the year ahead. In this article, Carly Stringer of Keystone Virtual provides insight into the 6 social media trends for 2019 that Small and Mighty businesses shouldn’t ignore, with tips on how you can begin to incorporate them into your […]

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