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How to Increase Sales Using Add To Cart Retargeting

When potential customers browse products on your website and/or add them to their cart, but don’t follow through with a purchase, what do you do? Do you have methods to entice them back?⁠ Carly Stringer, Ads Strategist has a solution.

Abandoned Cart Statistics

Now, these statistics will, of course, vary by industry and business. But the important takeaway here is that if you do not have a remarketing strategy you are without a doubt leaving sales on the table. ⁠

One powerful way to entice people back to complete their purchase is to use Facebook/Instagram ads to remind them about the products they viewed or added to their cart.

In this blog post, I show you how…⁠

⁠First things first…setting up the Facebook Pixel and your product catalogue

Before you can use retargeting ads on Facebook/Instagram you need to ensure that you have the Facebook base Pixel and Standard Events installed so that you can track website visitor activity.

If you are a Shopify user you can find out how to get your Pixel set up in this blog post: Why and How to Add the Facebook Pixel to Shopify. Facebook also offers other partner integrations including BigCommerce, WooCommerce or Magento.

You’ll also need to connect your product Catalogue so that you can make use of Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). These ads show the products that are most relevant to the person viewing the ads – i.e they will be reminded of the specific products they viewed as well as similar products you sell. Follow the instructions here to integrate your product catalogue with Facebook.

Setting up your ad

1. Choosing your objective

The best objective to choose for retargeting ads is ‘Catalogue Sales’. This will enable you to create a DPA and remind people of the exact products they viewed or added to their cart, as well as similar products from your range they may be interested in.

Once you have selected your objective, you’ll be prompted to select the product catalogue you wish to use from the dropdown menu.

2. Selecting your audience.

The next step is to select your audience. Here you need to select “Retarget products to people who have visited your website”.

Then you need to tell Facebook specifically which people within this audience you’d like to retarget. There are a number of options here, but the simplest one to start with is to retarget those who have “viewed or added to cart but not purchased in the last X days”. The number of days you select will very much depend on the nature of your business and how long potential customers might take to consider purchasing the products you sell. Start with the number of days that makes the most sense for your business, but remember that if it doesn’t give you the results you were hoping for you can always test different timeframes (ongoing testing is, after all, the key to Facebook ad success!).

3. Choosing your creative and copy

When creating a DPA you’ll have the option of three different types of creative – a carousel, single image and collection. I tend to find that carousels work best, but there is no right or wrong option here. I would recommend testing to see which gives you the best result.

When developing your copy, remember that this ad will only be shown to people who have already viewed your products or added them to their cart. They therefore already know your business well so there is no need to reintroduce yourself in your copy. Short, to the point copy, tends to work best for these types of ads.

Consider referencing the fact that they have been viewing your products – for example, “don’t leave us hanging”, “we saw you peeking”, “don’t forget…” etc.

And think about why these people may not have purchased the first time around and what you can say/offer to entice them back. Simply reminding them of the product may work, but most of the time a ‘hook’ will be required to get the best results – for example, customer testimonials that allay potential customer concerns, a 10% discount, free shipping or a time-limited offer.

Take a look at how big brands and savvy independents are doing it…

Beyond the blog

Good luck with exploring Facebook/Instagram ads to entice customers back to your store – let me know how you get on! If you have any questions about Facebook/Instagram ads head over to Instagram and send me a DM!