Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light

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Hi there, I’m Sam Burgess, Founder of Small and Mighty Co. 

In February 2019 I found myself trying to run a newly rebranded marketing and coaching business as well as deal with unexpected heartbreak; as my marriage and relationship of eight years came to a sudden abrupt and painful end. 

Anxiety gripped me. I'd never even suffered with anxiety - but I found myself so paralysed by it I couldn't eat or sleep. I couldn't even leave the house. My business pipeline was slowing as I wasn't present on Instagram, my life was falling apart around my ears as fast as the kilos were dropping off my fading frame. I was in a very dark and lonely place.

In the Spring, I found myself, quite unexpectedly having a spiritual awakening whilst on a dog walk with a friend. Out of nowhere, a bolt from the blue hit me - this realisation that I could be ANYONE I wanted to be, I could go ANYWHERE I wanted to go, I just had to change my own mindset in believing that what I had been through was going to define and dictate my future. 

I went home that day and enrolled on a  Life Coaching course as well as additional courses in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique) and more recently trained as a Reiki practitioner. I did all of this, for me, to help me grow as a person, and it has had such a profound effect on my business and my outlook that I want to share it with you.

As an INFJ my life purpose is to help others and I want to help you. Heartbreak, grief and anxiety have taught me so much about the person I am, about how to tap into my intuition and find the answers inside of myself and that the only thing holding back my success in business and my happiness in life - was me!

When I set up my consultancy in 2016, it was all about helping others. Supporting small businesses by providing advice and education on marketing; the kind usually only available to the corporate businesses with the big budgets.

My coaching programmes, online courses and workshops have been incredibly successful supporting business owners to achieve their goals through a content marketing strategy that works, but around 75% of the time spent on calls,  I was helping business owners to get their voice out there, harness their uniqueness and have the confidence to do so. It wasn't really that much about marketing as it was mindset.

As a Holistic Life Practitioner and Transformation Coach, I am here to help you grow from small business to small and MIGHTY business owner, all by tapping into YOU and finding the answers by using your intuition.

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Alongside coaching and mentoring, I also host a weekly iTunes top 30 business podcast - Small and Mighty Conversations, run workshops and speak at events from small local networking events to large scale such as trade shows including Top Drawer and Pure London. I have also been invited to comment about my work in leading national newspapers and industry magazines as well as on the BBC and Channel 5 news.

In addition I am an advocate for shop small, you can find me actively campaigning for people to support their local high streets, and independent makers across the UK.

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Serious about taking your business to the next level, marketing with intention and combating mindset blocks holding you back?  Yes? Then bespoke mentoring is for you.

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Flexible and on demand 60-minute coaching and mentoring online sessions to trouble shoot problems, gain clarity or much needed motivation in all aspects of small business and marketing

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